Thursday, February 12, 2009

Run of the mill

Finished up the first draft of "Blue Tango" and sent it to Brad Sinor last night. Came in at about 6,400 words. This will be our first collaboration. Brad (and Sue) will surely sprinkle it with fairy dust and come back with an award-winner.

A couple of days ago SFSignal posted a link to a web site called Dark Roasted, which is an s-f resource. They came up with a spread sheet that lists 2,000 s-f writers currently active in the field - pretty much everyone who has published since 1990. A lot of hard work, but an excellent recource. I took a moment to look it up. I have to admit I was surprised to find my own name - I'm of such little note in the field I hardly show up any anybody's list - but I guess getting a story published in Asimov's gets me there.

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