Monday, February 09, 2009

More about ConDFW

Here is a line-up of guests:

Guests of Honor
David Weber
Janimation, Inc.
Jim Butcher
Adrian Simmons
Aelle Ables
Amy Sisson
Angeline Hawkes
Bill Crider
Brad W. Foster
Bradley H. Sinor
C. Dean Andersson
Carole Nelson Douglas
Chris Donahue
Christopher Fulbright
Darlene D. Bolesny
David Cherry
David L. Gray
Dusty Rainbolt
Frances May
Gabrielle Faust
Gloria Oliver
J M McDermott
Joy Marie Ledet
Julia S. Mandala
K. Hutson Price
Kerry Tolan
Lee Martindale
Linda Donahue
Lou Antonelli
Martha Wells
Mel White
Melanie Fletcher
Michael Finn
Michelle Muenzler
Nina Romberg (a.k.a. Jane Archer)
P.N. Elrod
Patrice Sarath
Paul Abell
Paul Black
Priscilla Spencer
R. Cat Conrad
Rachel Caine
Rhonda Eudaly
Richard D. Weber
Rie Sheridan Rose
Scott R Padget
Selina Rosen
Shanna Swendson
Shannon K. Butcher
Steven Brust
Sue Sinor
Taylor Anderson
Teddy Harvia
Teresa Patterson
Thomas M. Wagner
Thomas W. Knowles
William Ledbetter

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