Friday, February 06, 2009

My panels at ConDFW

I will be at ConDFW Feb. 20-22. They've come out with their panel listings. Here are the panels I will be on (with the room).

Friday –

5 pm - Selling Yourself for Fun and Profit (Warwick)
Hosted by: Thomas Knowles (M), Lou Antonelli, Glenn Yeffeth
What can you do to sell your own writing not just to publishers but to the public? Internet, conventions, book signings, flyers – there are a bewildering array of choices. Our experts tell of their own experiences, and what does and does not work.

9 pm – Talking During the Movies (Warwick)
Hosted by Dusty Rainbolt, Lou Antonelli, Michael Finn, and assorted others…
Last year we had a blast tearing apart “Hercules in New York.” With our guests filling in commentary, a good time was had by all. This year’s feature is sure to leave you in stitches as well…

Saturday –

10 am – Publishing 101: Publishing Short Stories (Churchill)
Hosted by Lou Antonelli (M), Michelle Muenzler, K. Hutson Price, and Bill Crider
Putting together a gem is always a pleasure, but getting it out into the cold, cruel world is the next big step. Our experts talk about how to get your story read, who to go to, and what to say.

12 pm – Clichés of Doom! (Manchester)
Hosted by Lou Antonelli (M), Rachel Caine, Rhonda Eudaly
Ever groan while reading a story? Does seeing the hero ride into the sunset make your eyes roll? The ever-present cliché will pop up when you least expect it, and ruin all the dramatic potential your story has. Our experts go over some popular ones…and show you how to avoid them.

8 pm – Your Celestial Starburst Pageant 2009 (Warwick)
Hosted by: Selina Rosen, Richard D. Weber, Lou Antonelli (M), and Teresa Patterson.
Dress up as your favorite character, or create your own masterpiece! Hosted by Costumers Anonymous of North Texas.

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