Thursday, February 05, 2009

Latest sale

Christopher Fletcher just started a new 'zine, available on the web and as a .pdf, called M-Brane. I saw a blink about it last Friday on Locus On-Line, and after reading the guidelines, I realized I had a story that might work, and emailed it off over the weekend.

I guessed right. Chris liked the story and sent me the acceptance today. I've already returned the contract. "Business as Usual" is slated for Issue No. 3, scheduled for April 15.

The first issue of M-Brane went live Feb. 1st. He seems to have attracted some good talent. A random selection of authors in these first three issues includes Cat Rambo,
Glenn Lewis Gillette, and Lawrence Dagstine.

This is the fifth sale in four months. Ray Gun Revival bought "The Silver Dollar Saucer" on Oct. 5. Since then Planetary Stories bought "Acroscaphe", Apehelion bought "Video Killed the Radio Star", and Science Fiction Trails bought "Professor Malakoff's Amazing Ethereal Telegraph".

"Dollar", "Acroscaphe" and "Video" have all been published.

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