Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More plugs for ConDFW

A literary-focused science fiction convention.
Happening February 20-22, 2009. (Our 8th Year!)
Brought to you by the Texas Speculative Fiction Association (TSFA).
Run by a team of volunteers with varied years of experience.
The TSFA is:

A Texas-based, Federally-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization informally organized in 2001.
Dedicated to promoting the advancement of education with emphasis on sci-fi/fantasy/horror literature, publishing and writing, and science.
The organization behind ConDFW, our annual event where we bring in ‘top men’ in the fields of science fiction, horror & fantasy literature, hard science, art, and more.
Open to all; membership dues are paid annually.

Q: What is ConDFW?

A: ConDFW is a literary science fiction and fantasy convention featuring writing/publishing based programming, science programming, an excellent collection of guests, art show, a charity book swap and auction, a short story contest, and a slew of non-traditional activities such as the Sci-Fi Spelling Bee. ConDFW is brought to you by the Texas Speculative Fiction Association, a 501 (c)(3) organization.

Q: How long have you been around?

A: The first ConDFW was held in 2002 with John Steakley as our guest of honor, on an incredibly slim budget. We have tried to keep the prices at ConDFW low for our members while still bringing you a unique set of guests, entertainers, and activities.

Q: So who’s coming to ConDFW 2009?

A: For 2009, we are both pleased and quite stunned ourselves to bring you TWO Author Guests of Honor: Jim Butcher and David Weber! Great buckets of Thanks to both these gentlemen for accepting our invitations. We also include somewhere in the neighborhood of 50+ regional panelists including a variety of authors, artists, small press people, etc.

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