Saturday, October 04, 2008

Regrets to Fencon

Fencon is this weekend in Dallas, and this will be the first I've ever missed entirely. I made it at least one day of the past four. I think I attended on Sunday for the first one, and last year I was there Saturday night and Sunday.

Unfortunately, work, time and health problems made me decide to skip this year. I've been having diabetes-related problems with my feet, and I have a work-related deadline on Monday. I have to do some writing Sunday at home and I simply don't have the stamina to run to Dallas and also do the stuff I need at home.

I made it to ConDFW, Armadillocon and the Nebulas this year, so I feel I made the rounds. I would have enjoyed the con, but you have to be realistic about these things.

Last year I pitched the Fencon folks on inviting Howard Waldrop, and not only did they, they made him Toastmaster. Now, ironically, neither of us will make it. Howard is still recovering in the VA hospital in Temple; I spoke to him Thursday, and he said the earliest they might release him is Thursday of this coming week.

I wrote his bio for the souvenir booklet, and now we're both no-shows. Ah, well.

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