Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Talking to the class

I had the opportunity Saturday to talk for about a half hour to a creative writing class being taught at Northeast Texas Community College at its campus in Pittsburg. The instructor is Jory Sherman, who is more of a western and mystery writer. We have a mutual friend in Joe Lansdale, and some time back - when I realized Jory lived so close to me - I told him if he ever wanted or needed a guest lecturer, I would volunteer.

The class had about a dozen students. Although I dashed in on a pillar of fire - I was very rushed because I had just put the Sunday paper to bed - I still think I made sense and rushed through a lot of tips in a short while. Apparently I independently recapitulated some pointers Jory had given earlier, which impressed the students with their validity.

It was the last class of the session and I think a useful and entertaining conclusion.

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