Monday, October 06, 2008

Praise for "The Silver Dollar Saucer"

The editors at Ray Gun Revival say its OK for me to quote their assessment of "The Silver Dollar Saucer". I am fascinated at their reaction because - after bouncing around a number of places, with so many other editors missing it all and being distracted by minor issues - suddenly the story finds someone who "gets it".

Here's what they said:


"This is very funny and imaginative. I even want to say brilliant. I really like the mixture of space opera and western dudes. I loved the way the author kept the main characters 'in character,' like talking about what kind of coal runs a spaceship, and not really knowing about the lack of gravity in space. (A personal quibble: I'd have preferred the story without the couple of profanities. But I suppose that could be called staying in character, too.)

"This is a great story. The author is inventive, clever, and managed to keep me guessing.


For his part, Ray Gun Revival "Overlord" Johne Cook said "It was a perfect fit for our publication!"

Ahh, so here's an appropriate tune, then. Cue the fuzz box...

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  1. If this story had been in doubt, I would have stumped for it, or if necessary, overruled the Slushmasters (ahhh, the power of being an Overlord!).

    Fortunately, our Slushmasters are savvy, so such situations rarely happen.

    Great piece, Lou -- we're honored to be the ones who gave this story a home!


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