Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Latests on dollars and dispatches

I'm underway on "Dispatches from The Troubles", almost 3,000 words. This story is a little innovative, it is exactly what it says, a compilation of news stories written about the Irish "Troubles", although an alternate history version where these disruptions happen in South Texas instead of Northern Ireland (look up the founding of San Patricio, Texas, to get an idea where this story takes off from).

Despite being a life-long journalist, I've never written a speculative fiction story that featured actual "news clips", although I segued into a number of television transcripts which are used in my novel "Dance with me, Henry".

A random thot: Both the first story I ever had published, "Silvern' in Revolution SF in June 2003, and my latest, "The Silver Dollar Saucer", which is on deck at Ray Gun Revival, use that particular coin as a maguffin. You'd think I am fixated.

BTW, I do own a 1935 Peace Dollar like the one above.

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