Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thanks, Ted

Ted Kosmatka, on his blog Thursday, made the following posting:

"Mind Meld has posted a fascinating (and brave) list of 21 writers that it feels are likely to be Tomorrow's Genre Stars. As you might expect, much discussion and contention immediately ensued, and the SF blogosphere imploded on itself. Here's the list:

1.) Paolo Bacigalupi
2.) Darryl Gregory
3.) Jay Lake
4.) David Moles
5.) Benjamin Rosenbaum
6.) Cory Doctorow
7.) T. Kosmatka
8.) Chris Roberson
9.) Vandana Singh
10.) Daniel Abraham
11.) Laird Barron
12.) Elizabeth Bear
13.) Alan DeNiro
14.) Alex Irvine
15.) Paul Melko
16.) Naomi Novik
17.) Tim Pratt
18.) M. Rickert
19.) Jason Stoddard
20.) Karen Traviss
21.) Scott Westerfeld

"This list was compiled from a survey of ten big-name editors in the field who were nice enough to contribute their opinions: Matthew Cheney, Niall Harrison, Paula Guran, Diana Gill, Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, Jonathan Strahan, Colleen Lindsay, and Andrew Wheeler.

I met Ted once, at NASFIC last year, and he's a nice guy. It's good to see the quality of his work getting recognized.

Ted also added some names of his own, and I have to admit, some seemed pretty obvious, like Tobias Buckell and Jack Skillingstead. I said as much with a comment on his page. And he was nice enough to remember me.


  1. Hey Lou! I didn't realize you had a blog. Are you going to WorldCon this year?

  2. Sorry, no, it's the week before Armadillocon, and I can't take two cons in two weekends.


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