Friday, June 13, 2008

Howard Waldrop hospitalized

Howard Waldrop is in an Austin hospital. I spoke to him just five minutes ago. The last time he sent me a note, he said he had been having shortness of breath, and he wondered whether he was suffering from adult onset asthma. Turns out, he's having a quintuple bypass Monday.

He got sick last Monday and really couldn't catch his breath. He called 911 and they found out in the emergency room he was suffering from pulmonary edema because of the cardiac insufficiency. He was in the ICU two days, but now he's in a normal hospital room.

At the time they checked him in, he was suffering a urinary infection, so they had to lick that before scheduling him for the bypass. They also learned he has diabetes, and he's developing cataracts in his left eye.

Howard was in good spirits tonight, He said everybody in the sf community in Austin has visited him. I told him I got the bad news through a message posted by Paul DiFillipo.

I cracked a few jokes to give him a few laughs. He sounded very cheerful, and a good attitude will probably help him a lot pull through all this.


  1. Lou, does Howard need any dough? If so, has anyone set up a fund for him?

  2. I haven't heard of anything like that, but what do I know? You'd be better off checking with someone in Austin.

    He IS a veteran...


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