Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nebula reservation

I waited until the price went up to $125, but I made my on-line reservation and payment for the Nebula Weekend last Thursday.

If you think this delay reflects a certain amount of hesitation, you're right. I have never attended a con I pre-registered for.

Back in 2003, when I first started attending cons, I pre-registered for Armadillco and Conestoga. Between the time I signed up and the event, things happened to keep me from attending,

Missing Conestoga was a bit of a disappointment. Missing Armadillocon (which in 2003 was having its 25th anniversary) was a major let-down. Of course, I also lost my money.

I had attended ConDFW that previous February on a VIP Pass (as a member of the media). I wanted to attend another con before the end of the year so much that I flew to PhilCon that December.

I didn't preregister, I just paid at the door. No problems at all. Had a great time, too.

By 2004 I started getting invites because I sold "Rocket" to Asimov's in March. So that took care of the pre-registration issue.

I did go to DilloCon in August 2004. Again, paid at the door. No problems. I got invites for Conestoga in 2006 and 2007. A couple of the best cons I ever went to.

Two years ago I pre-registered for the LA Worldcon. Within a month, my wife I and had two auto wrecks (with two totaled vehicles) and she also lost a finger when a family dog went insane and attacked her.

Needless to say, traveling to California was out of the question. Bye-bye, WorldCon.

I haven't attended a con since where I wasn't a panelist.

I guess the only reason I might be safe in that the Nebulas isn't a con. I hope.

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