Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Conversation with Ardath

I had about a 40-minute conversation with Ardath Mayhar on the phone yesterday afternoon. Ardath is being recognized by the SFWA as Author Emeritus at the Nebulas weekend.

Since Ardath is a regional author, I plan to write up a story for the entertainment page of my paper, and let everyone know about this recognition.

It was a very pleasant conversation, and I learned a lot. I met her at Fencon in 2004 - I had no idea that, because of mobility problems, that was the last con she attended. She was only able to be there because Joe Lansdale carried her, and it will be MoJo Joe who will be taking her to Austin later this month.

I called SFWA President Michael Capobianco to get some authoritative information on the recognition itself.

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