Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jesus in Birmingham

Next Friday is Good Friday, and although many Christians sleep walk through it and Easter Sunday - sometime we kinda focus and have a few glimmers of introspection. I was puttering around on YouTube and I found this video, the first part of a Good Friday sermon delivered in 1979 by Bishop Fulton Sheen.

It happened to be the last sermon he ever delivered - he died that December. It was given in St. Agnes Church in New York City. This part - dealing with the indifference by some many people of what happened on Calvary - I thought was especially appropriate.

It has the usual Sheen rhetorical flourishes and his way of looking at a subject from outside the box. A good example is his throwaway line about our world being so insignificant it can be blown up by one bomb. The ending with the quotation from the poem about Jesus in Birmingham is great. I thought it was worth passing along.

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