Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some good words for Fencon

I should note that Fencon V is being held in Dallas October 3-5. They will be celebrating 50 years of s-f conventions in Texas; apparently a regional con, Southwestercon 6, was held in Dallas in July 1958. The guest of honor will be Dr. Gregory Benford, who as a youngster was one of the organizers of the event.

Jay Lake will be a special guest and running the writer's workshop. I also know that Howard Waldrop will be another special guest; this will be the first time he's gone to Dallas in many years.

Howard told me once he only goes to three cons a year, and that sounds like a sensible policy. It looks like that's what I will be doing his year. I've already been to ConDFW, and I will be going to Armadillcon in addition to Fencon. I hope to make it to the Nebula weekend, but then again, that's not a con.

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