Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rainy Monday

I had Monday off and got a lot of chores accomplished. It rained all day (fairly unusual for Texas) and that was a great incentive to stay inside and work. My normal day off is Monday, because it's the slowest day for a daily newspaper.

My biggest project was cleaning out and reorganizing files associated with three different enmail addresses. I had put this off for years because it was a big job. I finally got it done - it took all morning, but was worth it.

Patricia subbed, so I was home alone with the dogs - who were as bored as kids would be. At one point, I actually heard Millie (the Yellow Lab) make that kind of smacking sound with her mouth that we all do when we're bored. It must be the generic sound you make when your brain turns to mush. That was pretty funny.

I also worked on subs. I chatted with Brad and Sue Sinor on Sunday, carrying over a discussion we had at ConDFW. Brad has an idea for a collaboration, and he's dropped something in the email for me.

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