Thursday, November 15, 2007

Two more, almost

Getting settled down in the new house has allowed me to get back to some serious writing. While I wasn't able to touch a keyboard for a month, I was stockpiling ideas, and they're beginning to tumble out.

This past weekend I finished an AH called "Custodes". It's set in a 1st century Rome and supposes that - Archimedes having invented the electric motor - there was color TV and Reality Shows at the time of the Neroian Persecution of Christians.

It started with an intriguing idea, but I felt the only way to approach it without getting ridiculously dramatic was as satire. ("Custodes" is the Latin equivalent of "Cops")

It went out in Tuesday's mail to Sheila at Asimov's. Since then I have finished the first draft of a post-Singularity send-up called "The Queen of Bleecker Street". One thing unusual about this latter story is that it lent itself to an all-dialogue format.

Hopefully I'll get that finished up this weekend. Next up I think is a time travel tail-biter called "Meet Me at the Grassy Knoll". I'll probably have that one ready by Nov. 22 - if you know what I mean.

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