Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Back on Track

Well, obviously I've been off-line for some time now because of the move. We packed feverishly until Oct. 20, which was the day for the movers, and then had to make three more trips back to the old house to clean and collect the last of our stuff. We finally handed over the keys Oct. 30.

Getting back on-line was delayed because we needed to have a phone line installed in the room where the main computer resides. Then after that, there was another delay while I got a USB-Ethernet adapter. But we're finally up and running.

During the past month, almost all my submissions have returned from the various slush piles. Writers of the Future said I was an honorable mention - again (that's like the third time in a row).

I had time tonight to get together a half dozen stories for submission. Two are going our tomorrow by snail mail. Four went off by e-mail.

Dark Recesses has posted its TOC for its January issues. It will be the first print publication for that magazine. I am very happy that "Off the Hook" is being published. Here's news I copued from their web site:


Keene, Everson, Williams, Pringle, Burris, Melican, etc...

What do these names have in common? They each, along with several talented others, make up the (mostly) final TOC for Dark Recesses Press - Vol.3 Issue #9 - our first print issue after two years as digital only.


STICKY FINGERS by Stephen Woodworth


OFF THE HOOK - Edward Morris and Lou Antonelli

SANCTUARY - Erin Pringle

RINGS - Erik Williams

Книга Жизни - Sean Melican (the title is in Russian but roughly translates to The Book of Life.)


NiNe QuestioNs with BriaN KeeNe by A.J. BrowN

Part 1 of a two part, in-depth article on Waverly Sanitorium by Chris Perridas

A Nick Cook Review of NEEDLES & SINS by John Everson

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