Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fencon schedule

I got my schedule of panels for Fencon. Because my curent job requires that I work on Saturdays, I'm only available for panels for Sunday, but I'm very happy with the panels they gave me, to wit:

Sunday 10:00 AM Second Stage
Career Crisis and Changing Course
Description: How can a writer reinvent him/herself? Alternatives in careers.

Sunday 11:00 AM Main Stage
TechnoPeasants Unite!
Description: Discussion of IPSTP Day and the giving away of books,music, art, etc. to stimulate interest and sales.

Sunday 12:00 noon Programming 3
Reader Feedback *
Description: Non-writers discuss what they read and why.
Manifest: For non-writers to discuss what they read and why. Will also be audience participation.

Sunday 1:00 PM Main Stage
Face-Off: The Difference Between Male and Female Writers *
Description: So, do women and men really approach a scene in different ways? Find out with our panel of writers.
* = Panel moderator.

I will head into Dallas as soon as I finish with work on Saturday. With luck I will be in Dallas by 5 or 6 Saturday evening. giving me time to attend suite parties.**

To be fair to other cons, I'm not accepted any more guest appearances until next year when I have some vacation time accumulated. This Fencon is the last con I had scheduled before I took my current job on July 31.

**And no, Bobby, I will NOT be getting a massage...

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