Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saturday night at Nasfic

Saturday night was the only night I was at Nasfic where I could visit a few suites. I wasn't there Thursday, and I was exhausted after the train trip Friday.

I was still feeling fairly woozy, but well enough to visit a few. The SFWA suite was fairly quiet, at least while I was there, and they had good food and drinks. Unfortunately, the way I was feeling all weekend I never touched a drop.

I stopped by David Hartwell's suite for Tor. We chatted briefly. He was handing out some old advance copies from his office, and I picked up "Gladiator" by Harry Turtledove and Matt Jarpe's "Radio Freefall".

In chatting with David I mentioned my interest in South Africa as an alternate history subject, and he introduced me to Thomas Hill, a fellow who grew up in Capetown but now lives in New York. We had a LONG conversation. It was great to find someone who could talk about SA so knowledgeably. I told him about "The Amerikaan Way", the story published by Atomjack in April.

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