Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back to Aggiecon

OK, let me get back to my recollections from Aggiecon. My third panel on Saturday was on the subject of Literary Collaboration. Beverly Hale was on this one, also, and a graphic artist named Tony Salvaggio, whom I had never met before. Teresa Patterson was the moderator. She showed up a little late, so I began as a pinch hitter and turned it over Teresa.

Maureen McHugh was there, too. I had never met her before - in person. She said she was happy to meet me, and knew me from the internet - specifically the Asimov's discussion forum. She said I had been a "voice of sanity" there (I'm honored).

Each of us had different experiences, so everyone in the audience could apply whatever applied to them. My collaborations with Edward Morris have been very even-handed and reciprocal. Maureen, Teresa and Beverly have all ghost-written or collaborated in shared worlds. Tony's work in graphics is different from all our experiences.

The panel started at 5:15. I was probably back at the hotel by 7:00 p.m. At this point, I was so tired - proably from the lomg drive the night before, plus running around all day - that I was too tired to go to dinner. I actually made a meal from three snacks out the vending machine on the first floor, and was asleep by 8.

Tony's work has been

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