Sunday, April 15, 2007

Back again

Since my last post I spent some of my free time on a volunteer project, typsetting the quarterly newsletter of the local Boy Scout Council. I was a Scout - and enjoyed it very much - but I've never been an adult leader - mainly probably because I never had any kids. But I recently had the oppportunity to help them with this project. It was a little work, but very satisfying.

Unfortunately, the deadline for the newsletter landed at the same time as the dealine for the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest. I had started a story for the Baen contest, but couldn't finish it on time (by April 9). Oh well, I'm complete it and send it off somewhere else.

"Avatar" has been published at Darker Matter since April 1. Darker Matter has a readers' poll for each story, and it's garnered an average rating of eight out of ten.

"The Amerikaan Way" is also still at Atomjack.

I need to fill out forms and email bios for both Constoga and Fencon right about now.

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