Friday, February 02, 2007


The amount of s-f writing I've been doing may be taing its toll. The carpal in my left hand recurred this week. I may have to put the brace back on this weekend.

I got a start on my next story this week, about 1,100 words, when the wrist began to hurt.

I had come stories come back week, so I took the oppportunity to look at them again, and send a few out.

I posted Paul Carlson's story "Cavers" at Sentibel S-F this week. I ran across this note Paul put up on the Yard Dog Press web site:

"Paul Carlson sold a story to Lou Antonelli's SF ezine Sentinel at  “He's been into SF for a long time, and is a well-known writer and fan in Texas. This is a new venture, and I'll be in the third issue. ‘Cavers’ is meant to be controversial, but we did moderate one thing. Two of my radical, time-jumping characters blew Columbus out of the water, but since Lou is Italian, we targeted them on Hernando Cortez instead.”

Yes, that is true, when he had some time-jumping characters whack Cousin Chris, I complained and he changed the story up a bit.

Not that I'm sensitive.

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