Friday, July 07, 2006

Some possible good news

I got a phone call from a friend today. She knows the owner of a Texas book publishing company. She was one of the guests at a reading of "Rocket" last fall and loves the story.
A few weeks ago, she asked me for a copy. She said she wanted to pass it along to the book publisher. This outfit only publishes Texana, but - as she noted - most of my stories are set in Texas. She said she wanted to see if they would bite at a volume of my fiction.
She called today and said the response was positive and asked if I could collect up three more stories and send them along. At first glance, I think I'll run off "Silence is Golden", "The Cast Iron Dybbuk" and "A Djinn for General Houston".
When the prospect first arose that I might get a collection published, I asked Jayme Blaschke - who was the editor at RevSf who published "Silence is Golden" - if he would be willing to write the intro, and he graciously agreed. Let's hope he gets the chance.
This isn't the first time someone expressed interest in publishing a collection of mine. The editor of another Texana house expressed some interest last year - but she left the company before anything came of it.

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