Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Rocket for the Republic" latest

Mentioning the LACon Report reminded me that last week I got the latest issue of the SFWA Forum, a little chapbook-sized publication put out six times a year by the SFWA for its members. It's much less entertaining than the quarterly slick bulletin - it's where they put official minutes and resolutions and that kind of stuff.
One of the records they use the Forum to keep track of are the Nebula recommendations. Since I am not a full-fledged member of the SFWA, I cannot make recommendations. But I was happy to see that "Rocket" has picked up a couple of recommendations from full members.
From what I can tell, stories are eligible to be nominated for a year from the date they were published. So the way I read the rules, "Rocket" would be eligible for consideration until the end of this August (since it was published in the Sept. '05 Asimov's). I think the ballot closes every year in February.
It's kinda weird to see the story listed when I can't drop in a recommendation myself. Also, there are dozens of stories with a handful of recommendations - lots of good stories by lots of good authors. From what I can tell, you need ten recommendations to make the preliminary Nebula ballot, and from what I see, only one story has done that so far.
Well, it was nice to see a couple of old pros gave the story a thumbs up.

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