Thursday, April 27, 2006

Travel plans change

At the start of the year, I looked forward to attending both the WorldCon in LA in August, and the Nebula Awards Weekend in Tempe in May. Well, things change.
After my wife's accident Jan. 11, which resulted in the loss of her right index finger in a dog attack, we're stacked up with medical bills (I didn't have health insurance at the time). Even though this year's WorldCon will still be a relatively inexpensive one (LA being a good deal of a city with excellent air connections) it still would cost at least a couple of thousand dollars to attend; we simply can't afford it.
That left Nebula Weekend, which is shorter and less expensive. I can drive to Tempe from Hooks. BUT May 7th my family is having a celebration of my mother's 75th birthday (which was actually April 15, but there were scheduling issues). So the Nebulas are out, also.
That being the case, I still have what looks to be an excellent selection of cons ahead of me. I'll be a guest at both Conestoga and SoonerCon in Oklahoma in July; ArmadilloCon is in Austin in August, I'm a guest at FenCon in Dallas in September, and World Fantasy Con is in Austin in November.

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