Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another gig

I received word yesterday that I have been invited to be a guest at FenCon, which will be held in Dallas Sept. 22-24.
Not only did they post my bio, but they're touting myself (and Deborah Leblanc) as first-time guests on their home page - which is a nice egoboo.
I first met Deborah at a workshop sponsored by NETWO (Northeast Texas Writer's Organization) in Winnsboro, where I used to live, in the spring of 2004. She was a presenter.
Last summer, we were the sacrificial lambs whose readings were scheduled opposite George R.R. Martin's at Conestoga in Tulsa. Ouch!
This is the fifth gig I've gotten so far this year as a guest.
FenCon will have a suite at ConDFW the weekend after next, so I will probably take the opportunity to drop in and thank them in person.
Over on my web site, where I've republished "A Rocket for the Republic", I enabled the option for people to leave their opinions.

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