Saturday, November 26, 2005

Lou's Lasagna

Some old family friends from the Dallas area drove 2 1/2 hours to visit us for dinner last night. I baked a big fat lasagna,and everyone enjoyed it. We offered to let them stay overnight, but they drive back and were back home by midnight.

It was wild having three kids in the house, two of them teenage boys. For a while there, it was a regular three-ring circus. Our old 12-year old cocker spaniel just retreated to her kennel and stared at the pandemonium.

One of the reasons I keep up a personal web site is to keep my personal archives on line. I just posted "The Honor of the Blue Devil Patrol", the YA story published by Beyond Centauri this summer. If for some reason you only visit the blog and not my web site, its

I got "The Dragon's Black Box" from SciFiction earlier this week, but I knew about that and had already sent it off to Interzone.

Got the copy of Judith Merrill's 1955 Year's Best S-F I bought off e-Bay in the mail Wednesday. Pretty good volume, glad I got a copy. Merrill did an annual Year's Best for a long time; 1955 was a particularly good year for s-f.

Strangely enough, she only gave "The Allamagoosa" an honorable mention.

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