Monday, October 10, 2005

random thots

I spent some time on the phone getting caught up with Howard on Friday. He'll be the GOH at CapClave this coming weekend. I had originally thought to perhaps go myself, but I can't fit in the time and expense right now.
Howard is not only having a reading at the convention, but he's having a reading at the Library of Congress! What an honor! I get my first public reading Tuesday the 18th. The local Friends of the Library in New Bosotn have invited me to read "A Rocket for the Republic" at their next meeting. One of the members of the Friends of the Library read "Rocket" and - also being a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas - was quite impressed that I got my history correct. I'm putting a news item on the paper, but adding her byline as a "special contributor". I want people to know I didn't write the story.
Not quite the Library of Congress, but I'm happy for now.
Well, mom arrived this weekend. Actually it's been a quite pleasant visit so far. And I got some writing in, started a new story. I have, as usual, about 20 stories out in various slushpiles, but some of them are fairly small. Some of these stories are getting to the point I may pull them or give them to old favorites such as Bewildering or Surprising Stories.
I'm trying to avoid the writer's equivalenmt of sophomore slump. Just got to work my way through this.

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