Monday, October 03, 2005

More bad news

The employee on medical leave went to the doctor today. She's still out until at least Nov. 7. Being salaried, the burden of taking up the slack is falling on me. The company won't adjust its budget (since it still has to pay her while she's on worker's comp). Hmm... the problem may solve itself. If I get too overrworked, I may collapse anyway - being a 48-year old type II diabetic. We'll just tough it through as best I can. But with me working extended hours, and my mom coming for a two-week visit next weekend, heck if I know when I'll have time to write.

I mentioned two posts ago that Zoetrope returned a manuscript without so much as a cover letter. When I spent some time over the weekend getting caught up on submissions, I realized I had it wrong, it was Brutarian. I had sent them a return envelope with a change of address sticker I pulled off a magazine. I guess they thought if I was too lazy to write out the envelope, they wouldn't bother to drop in a letter.

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