Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wacky Times

Sorry - if anybody is REALLY reading this blog - that I haven't posted in a while, but things have been real hairy on the job. People who've worked at the newspaper for years say they can't remember the last time there was a workman's comp accident, and then we had TWO in two days.

The first was on Wednesday, the 21th - the day after my last posting. An employee in the press side of the operation crushed a finger in a piece of equipment. She didn't lose it, but she's on leave until further notice.

Although this was unfortunate, it didn't affect the news departmenr directly, but the next day - Thursday - our reporter tripped and fell on an uneven spot on the sidewalk while working on a story at a local school. She suffered a double compound fracture of her left upper arm. Poor thing! She's out for the duration.

Obviously, when your news department has three people, losing one of them causes a loft of shuffling around. Myself and the other person are coping - but it's hectic. At the time of the accident, the sports editor (the third person in the department) was on vacation, but she came back - otherwise I would have been stuck running things single-handed.

I can't believe I was still able to go to FenCon, but there was only one event happening on the weekend, and it was a 5K run, so the sports editor covered it.

I was able to drive to Dallas Saturday morning and attended the Con until about 3 p.n. Sunday. Since my wife grew up in Dallas, I was able to save money by staying at my mother-in-law's home Saturday night.

I was unhappy that neither Joe Lansdale nor Jayme Blaschke - who were originally scheduled as guest - couldn't make it. I still picked up a lot of useful information, though, and visited with a few people.

I'll try to post more about FenCon later, but I just thought to take a minute to get SOMETHING posted.


  1. Yeah, I was really disappointed about having to cancel out. This is my first-ever no-show as a guest. These things can't be helped sometimes, as you know, Lou. :-) Maybe next year.

  2. Jayme -

    Of course, I know whereof you speak. I still missed you! hang in there.


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