Saturday, June 18, 2005

The writing grind

I haven't had as much time to write recently, getting settled into the new job and all that, but I don't mind that. I wrote the first draft of "A Rocket for the Republic" during the summer of 2003, but then I changed jobs and moved in August and I didn't get back to finishing the story until October. I remember thinking to myself when I sent the story off that it really came out well, and was my best shot to date for getting accepted by Gardner Dozois - and it was and he did. So I figure that the slowdown caused by the job transition now probably works in my favor. Maybe I'll think out the stories more.
I did get back to working on "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" on Thursday night. Some significant changes, and the story's word length dropped - always a good sign, when the prose tightens up. It's probably ready to be pulled through Pagemaker this weekend.
Sheila at Asimov's returned "The Man Who Machine-Gunned the Lady of the Lake". Said it was cute but didn't buy it. Gordon at F&SF returned "The Silver Dollar Saucer". I sent him "Machine-Gunned" and sent "Silver Dollar Saucer" to Andromeda. I also sent "Wish List" to Lenox Ave., "A Djinn for General Houston" to Escape Pod, "After Image" to Surprising Stories and "Avatar" to Far Sector. Both Far Sector and Escape Pod are venues I haven't tried before.

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