Saturday, June 18, 2005

Upcoming in Asimov's

Got my August issue of Asimov's in the mail today. Every issue they use the back page to tout what's coming in the next issue. The main story will be by Fred Pohl, who was a big name in the genre before I was born. There are also stories by Brian Aldiss - another writer who started before I was born - and a couple of really prolific and renowned authors, William Barton and Robert Reed.
There will also be stories by three first-time authors, including myself. Here's what they wrote about me:
"New writer Lou Antonelli makes a light-hearted Asimov's debut with the not-terribly-likely steampunk saga of the launching of "A Rocket for the Republic".
Gee, I wonder how many extra copies of next month's magazine I'm gonna buy???

Emailed "V.S.A." to Strange Horizons. Right now I have stories in 23 different slush piles.

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