Sunday, May 01, 2005

Off by Two Miles

When I checked my trip odometer Saturday, I saw I had driven 148 miles on Friday.

The North and East Texas Writers Organization (NETWO) had a writer's conference Saturday in Winnsboro, which I attended. I had to cover the kick-off of the local youth baseball and softball association summer season at the little league park at 9 a.m., and I took some pictures during the lunch break of a downtown street fair. Otherwise, I spent the day at the workshop. I already knew two of the guests, Bill Crider and H.J. Ralles. I picked up some pointers and visited with a literary agent they flew in from the East Coast, and an editor with a Texana-themed publisher based in Austin.

I didn't ask for an interview with the agent, but I was pleasantly surprised when I chatted with her - she had a lot of experience with sci-fi writers. I knew she must have, when during the course of her formal talk she mentioned Reginald Bretnor. I was the only person in the audience who knew who Bretnor was. We chatted 2 or three times during the day, and I got her card. Since I've not written a book, I don't have anything to pitch to her. But I'll keep in touch.

As for the editor, she's willing to read some of my stories. I pitched her a collection of Texas-themed sci-fi, fantasy and horror. I'm sending her four stories this week.

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