Tuesday, March 08, 2005

One Foot in the Grave

Wow, this has been a miserable week - and I'm not out of the woods yet. Last Wednesday, as I was finishing up the week's paper, I had a sudden, vicious onset of a cold. The severity of the attack must have been caused by the fact I've been running around so much and I was badly rundown. By 1 p.m. I had to go home and go to bed. The girls basketball team was playing at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday in the state semi-final tournament game - so I faced a five-hour drive.
I did get on the road Thursday morning, but I was so sick I had to stop three times while on the way to Austin and take cat naps because I couldn't stay on the road. I made it to the game on time, but my photos sucked because I was so sick. Our team lost, too.
I checked into a motel that night and had to stay in Austin until Saturday because I was too sick to travel. I used a motel over the fence from Howard Waldrop's, and Friday at mid-day I called Howard and told him what was going on. Howard - nice guy that he is - was good enough to drive me to a Walgreen's and I stocked up on medicine.
We did visit for a couple of hours, but by 2 p.m. Friday I retreated to my sick room until I started my drive back to Winnsboro Saturday.
I still sick as a dog. My nose has been running so badly it's bloody. My stomach's upset because of all the post-nasal drainage. I actually had to stop taking decongestant because it increased the flow too much and I got nauseous and started to retch. I'm just taking some diabetic tussin for now, but I plan to go to the doctor Friday because I'm sure I have bronchitis coming in because of all the irritation. Of course, my head feels like I've been kicked by a mule.

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