Thursday, March 10, 2005

Death, why do you dawdle?

As we all get older, we all get crappier - health-wise, I mean. But sometimes, things just get ridiculous.
A couple of weeks ago I entered into an extremely busy stretch on the job, caused by the fact that both the girls and the boys basketball teams were in the playoffs at the same time. This is good for sports, but remember, I'm a one-man sports department.
With spring sports starting up, we had an overlap here where during one week, I was covering six different sports - both boys and girls basketball, softball, baseball, power lifting and golf. I think I turned in over 1,000 travel miles for reimbursement.
The payoff set in last week when - I assume because I was run-down - I had a sudden and vicious on-set of a cold that sent me to bed. The problem was, the girls basketball team made the state Final Four and was playing in Austin March 3.
I dragged myself out of bed and drove the 500 miles to Austin Thursday. It was horrible. I was so weak I had to stop three times on the road just to cat nap so I could have the strength to keep driving.
I did make the game. Our team lost. I checked into a motel and passed out Thursday night.
Friday about noon I called Howard Waldrop and told him my plight. I had told Howard I was coming to town. He was real nice and actually drove me to Walgreens where I restocked on cold medicine. We then repaired to his place and visited for a couple of hours. I ran out of steam and went back to the hotel, where I essentially slept and took cold medicine until Saturday morning.
I made it back to Winnsboro Saturday morning. I'm still sick, but right now the real problem is that I have bronchitis coming is as the cold is trying to leave. I have a doctor's appointment for Saturday to get some meds and clear this thing up.

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