Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The old and the new

Spent some time working on the first draft of "Twilight on the Finger Lakes" last night.

I also prepared three more submissions. I'm sending Albedo One "Body by Fisher", Brutarian "The Dragon's Black Box" and Gordon Van Gelder "Insight".

"The Dragon's Black Box" has only flown past Sheila Williams so far, but the fellow at Brutarian has been real good about sending stories back promptly, so I thought I'll let him take a peek next. The worst that can happen is that it comes back in a couple of weeks.

"Body by Fisher" and "Insight" are among my oldest stories, ranking 4th and 1st. They go back to 2002. They may be reaching the end of the line as far as top-ranked venues are concerned.

(By comparsion, "The Dragon's Black Box" is the 48th story I've written - finished it in January.)

"Insight" was once just about sold to Chizine, but the editor asked me for some changes before I resubbed, and the e-mail sub never went through. By the time I followed up, the reading period had closed. He was unhappy - and so was I. Stuff happens.

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