Monday, March 28, 2005

Congrats to Sgt. Chip

The Hugo nominations were announced Saturday. I was pleased to see Brad Denton's "Sergeant Chip" was nominated in the Novella category. I liked the story very much, and I've told Brad that a number of times. I shot him an e-mail as soon as I found out. He responded very amiably.

I attended Brad's reading at ArmadilloCon last fall, which included the beginning of "Sergeant Chip". He lives in the Austin area. I was happy to meet him and to get to know his work better.

I called Howard Waldrop on the phone and told him about the nomination, since I know Howard doesn't use the internet. He and Brad go back a long way. Howard was happy to hear it.

I had sent Howard a copy of "The League of Dead Nations", and he sent me a note with some comments. I got that in the mail today, too.

"The Silver Dollar Saucer" dropped in the mailbox yesterday. "Good Old Gal" went in the mail today to Challenging Destiny. I got "Body by Fisher" back today from Gordon Van Gelder; he made some really positive (and helpful comments). Gordon is good about noting similarities between stories, and sometimes he catches things I never would have.

I finished the first draft of "Twilight on the Finger Lakes" last night. I'm not sure if editors will "get" this story, but I'm goiing to whip it up and send it off.

It rained all Easter weekend, but the weather was beautiful today.

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