Monday, February 21, 2005

More mush for the slush

I dropped a story into the websphere Sunday for Jon Laden, who's started "Fictitious Fiction". I'm also dropping a story in the mail today to Dominick Salemi at Brutarian, and I have another one going out to Albedo One.

I have a story I wanted to send to "Would That It Were", but it's long according to their guidelines. I've never submitted to them before, and I don't write a heck of a lot of historical fiction. I queried first, but they said it was cool, I could send it.

I've submitted before to Brutarian and Albedo. Albedo actually sends me nice e-mails. Salemi sends back form letters - which are a waste of time at this point in my career - but he does turn the stories around fast. It's a harmless place to park a story for a week or two, I guess.

ConDFW is this coming weekend, but my schedule is completely up in the air. Both the girls and boys basketball teams are in the playoffs as of today (Monday) and whether and how free I will be on Friday and Saturday is problematic.

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