Sunday, September 09, 2018

Housebreaking failure

Our efforts to housebreak Bella have been unsuccessful. We will probably need professional help. A few weeks ago I started rewarding her with treats when she was a good girl, and that worked somewhat, well enough that I took the puppy pads up. But results were mixed. If when she goes out she is accompanied by one or both of her siblings, she often distracted and forgets what she needed to do. Then she comes back in the house and remembers to do it.

She also is not very good at getting our attention when she needs to go out. She's too subtle and we often miss her signals. She doesn't try very hard at it. Peltro and Sugar will stand at the back door, and if need be, bark. but Bella doesn't.

Patricia and I now are talking about the need to refinish the hardwood floor in the living room because of the staining. And this afternoon I went and put down puppy pads again. She was probably better at going outside a few weeks ago, she seems to have regressed. I will probably start calling around for some professional advice this week.

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