Sunday, May 27, 2018

Worth the effort

With the Clarksville High School graduation coming up next Saturday, June 2, this coming week's paper is the issue where we publish the individual photos of the graduating seniors.

In larger cities it's usually impractical to publish all those individual pictures, but Clarksville's Class of 2018 has 33 graduates.

We will also print the photos of the graduating seniors in the other high schools in the county - Avery, Detroit and Rivercrest.

Interestingly enough. Clarksville, Avery and Detroit have almost the same number of graduates this year - 33, 33 and 34. Rivercrest has 44.

That's 144 seniors and 144 photos. Normally I'm not the person who composes the newspaper pages in In Design, but because this tribute to the seniors will add four pages to the paper - and the layout is fairly simple - I pitch in and do these pages myself.

So Thursday and Friday I spent most of my time making black and white (grayscale) copies of those individual photos and then laying them out on their respective pages, with the students' names.

I'm glad it's already done, and I know there will be many people next week who will appreciate the effort.

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