Monday, February 05, 2018

Legal crooks

My wife and I had a mortgage for many years with a company called Nationstar. They were a typical big bureaucratic mortgage company - no real customer service and difficult to deal with. But while we were flush with money it didn't bother us. However, starting in 2015 we started to suffer a drop in income, and then it became a problem. They were absolutely no help with refinancing. Once you fall behind in payments you realize what they call "customer service" is really collections.

It became very frustrating, and ultimately I have absolutely nothing positive to say about the company. I'm glad we are rid of them.

Apparently I'm not the only person to have such an experience with these fools, and I recently learned that last fall they "rebranded" themselves. The new name?

Mr. Cooper.

I'm not kidding. What a farce!

I went to a Yelp page for the outfit. Here are some of the comments:

"Classic case of the ad agency (tail) wagging the dog (ivory tower marketing). Mr. Cooper brand, at best, is creepy, paternal, invasive."

"They're gonna keep getting bad reviews until the government shut Them down legal crooks Worry about your future customers don't worry about the customers you are screwed you're not gonna fix it"

"Again they try to give me their customer service representative is nothing but it joke Just thieves."

"Stay away from them bunch of crooks and thief Customer service is really bad nobody speaks English."

"I had a mortgage with Nationstar once before several years ago. I couldn't refinance quick enough to get away from these hucksters."

"I'm at the point of paying down the mortgage to get out from under Mr. Cooper ASAP. They SUCK. Run, don't walk, away...far, far away from Mr. Cooper.

"My girlfriend's mortgage was sold to them back in July from Citi Mortgage and she has faithfully made payments to them since
Well surprise she was served foreclosure papers today. My father is dying from cancer and now we have to deal with this. I believe she was scammed by this place. She will be taking legal action."

And on and on.

These guys are based in Dallas. Texas has a pro-business economic climate, but they remind of Ambrose Bierce's definition of Piracy in "The Devil's Dictionary":

"Commerce without its folly-swaddles, just as God made it."

If you are unfortunate enough to have a mortgage being service by these idiots, I'd try to get away as fast as possible.

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  1. I wish I could get away from these people, but I'm unable to as I don't have enough income! I, too, had a HUGE problem with them when my check to pay my mortgage went missing. My bank suspected fraud from within Nationstar/Mr Cooper as it had been cashed. Mr cooper said they did not receive it and, despite having a legal affidavit from my bank while they looked for the funds, dinged my credit score 125 points.

    I complained to everyone in officialdom I could think of, but the ONLY person who would listen was John Crudele at the Sunday New York Post. He got Nationstar to sit up and listen as he waa about to publish my story!

    So, now it appears that someone else saw what happened to me and ALSO contacted John. He published their story and has asked for others who have had problems with Nationstar/Mr. Cooper to step forward. It appears that the only way we solve issues like this, these days, is through the power of the media :)


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