Tuesday, February 13, 2018

It's about time!

Because she is recovering from her sickness, we let Millie sleep in the house last night. Normally she would sleep in my "library", which is an old bunkhouse across the patio from the rear of our house. That's where the kennels are.

So she was in the kitchen this morning as I was cooking breakfast, a skillet of scrambled eggs and sausage. Her appetite seems to have returned to normal, and she just stared at me with those big puppy eyes as I loaded up my plate.

I looked at her, and I looked at the plate, and said to her:

"You know what? After 12 years you've earned a human breakfast. Here you go."

I put the plate down and she disposed of it very quickly. Then she went to snooze on the couch with what I thought was a look of satisfaction.

I will be using the drive-through at McDonalds this morning. But I think I did the right thing.

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