Friday, February 23, 2018

Hopefully resolved

It took weeks of effort, but it looks like we finally solved the problem with new subscribers not getting their papers. It has been especially intensive the past two weeks, and took getting both a new label printer and a new computer. We now can print the mailing labels in-house - before we were sending a file via email to the press and having them run off the labels. That was convenient, but as I've noted before, somewhere along the line the subscription list wasn't being updated and no one who subscribed to the paper since Jan. 1st was getting one.

This week the press had a set of labels delivered to them. I think starting next week we will simply label and sort the papers ourselves in Clarksville.

Yesterday was the first Thursday in weeks we weren't inundated by irate subscribers who didn't get their papers. It was actually becoming a disruption to office operations.

We've picked up at least a couple of dozen new subscribers since the start of the year - which is great! - but you can imagine the hassle when 24 people call, ranging from irritated to angry because they didn't get their newspaper.

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