Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cue the Frank Sinatra song

Here's a point I would like to make about being a finalist for the Dragon Award this year:

Two years ago, I solicited support from the Sad Puppies group for the Hugo nominations. I know Brad Torgersen and I thought it would be a harmless way to get support. Unfortunately, the Rabid Puppies picked up a lot of the same nominations (I never asked to be on the Rabid Puppy list) and the cumulative effect - where in some categories ALL the finalists were either from the Sad or Rabid list - provoked a reaction from the s-f establishment - well, we all know what followed.

I vowed afterwards I would not solicit support from any similar organized effort in the future.

This year I lobbied for "Another Girl, Another Planet" on my own. Along the way, some folks gave me their support - such as Jon Jon Del Arroz and Declan Finn - and I accepted it, but I did not go our and seek advance support from any organized sources.

I got on the Dragon ballot that way, on my terms, and I feel much better about that. Yes, I lost to Harry Turtledove in the Alternate History category - big surprise!

I was beaten fair and square, but I was in the running, and I did it on my terms. After the fiasco two years ago, I feel so much better about that.

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