Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ready for Dragoncon

With Dragoncon ready to start, I have my fingers crossed in hopes "Another Girl, Another Planet" will take the Dragon award in Alternate History.

No matter what the final outcome, I am deeply honored to have my first novel as a finalist on the ballot.

Thanks go to so many of you for your support and kind comments. I want to especially thank Jon Del Arroz and Declan Finn for supporting me on their blogs.

Looking forward, I'd like to think "Another Girl, Another Planet" will be a contender for the Sidewise award next year. That's a juried award, so there's no public input. I was very honored when "Great White Ship" was a finalist in the short story category in 2013.

AGAP was eligible for the Dragon this year, but will be eligible for the Sidewise next year, because the Sidewise awards uses the calendar year for its eligibility period, while the Dragon uses June 30-July 1st. AGAP was released at the end of January.

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