Sunday, July 09, 2017

Reaganaissance Faire

Do you yearn to play in a more simple time, between the Dark Ages and the Modern Era - before there was the internet, cell phones, painful on-line constant social interaction with every idiot on the planet, and music that was actually composed?

You can journey back and role-play in a festival designed for those who yearn for a less complicated era of history.

With the start of summer, the Society for Creative Anomaly (SCA) would like to announce the opening of the first ReaFair ( Reaganaissance Faire), a special village set up to duplicate the simpler and slower times of that long ago 1980s era.

Actors mingle in the crowds dressed in authentic era fashions. You are encouraged to dress appropriately and play any role you wish

You can pretend you are boogeying in Studio 54, while an actor portrays Steve Rubell presiding over the debauchery.

If the Cold War is your thing, you can watch Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev verbally joust.

Each day there is a Madonna look-alike competition, and also a Madonna/Cyndi Lauper song competition.

The main meadow stage is occupied by Freddy Mercury and Queen doing power pop sing-a-longs.

And beware as Adam Ant jostles and leads his band of merry cutpurses through the crowds.

It's great fun for the whole family, and its now open for the summer. Take that nostalgic trip back to an era that lives now only in myth.

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  1. I never thought I would live to hear myself say this, but I miss the 80s.


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