Sunday, July 02, 2017

Dragon thoughts

In just two years, the Dragon awards have surpassed the Hugos as the benchmark of science fiction fandom approval. More people are interested in the Dragons, and trust the process, than the Hugos (IMHO). The Hugos were irreparably damaged two years ago, when - in the face of the Sad Puppies fiasco - the sf literary establishment essentially did what corporations sometimes do - they bought all the stock back and took the company private (by buying as many WorldCon memberships as needed to insure none of the "wrong" sort of people won.)

In the long run, maybe having more awards is a good thing, because it recognizes a greater variety of interests , But from what I see, the Dragons this year are where the Hugos were maybe 30 years ago, the award authors want and readers look forward to.

The deadline for nominating closes in a little over three weeks.

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