Wednesday, February 01, 2017


[FEB. 1, 2017} - WordFire Press is pleased to announce the release of Lou Antonell’s debut novel, “Another Girl, Another Planet”.

WordFire Press Publisher Kevin J. Anderson said “We were captivated by the premise of Lou’s first novel, and we’re very proud to be his publisher. I think people will find the book fascinating.”

WordFire Press Acquisitions Editor Dave Butler said “We’re excited about this book, which lets a well-known short story writer show his strengths at novel length. He describes "Another Girl, Another Planet" as a "Heinleinian Cold War Punk story of politics, espionage, and murder on the Red Planet.”

Renowned author and Science Fiction Writers of American (SFWA) Grandmaster Larry Niven endorsed “Another Girl, Another Planet”, saying “I loved it. Brilliant idea well-told.”

An accomplished short story author with 104 publications and three collections, Antonelli was a finalist for the Sidewise Award in alternate history in 2013. The Texas-based author describes “Another Girl, Another Planet” as a “retro-futurist alternate history.”

WordFire Press is a mid-sized Colorado-based publisher featuring the works of many bestselling and award-winning authors, including Frank Herbert, Allen Drury, Jody Lynn Nye, Alan Dean Foster, Mike Resnick, Brian Herbert, Tracy Hickman, David Farland, and others.

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