Sunday, February 26, 2017

The spin rack is STILL coming back

Some of you may recall I have posted in the past about how I like to buy genre mass market paperbacks in Dollar General stores. I started doing this years ago after learning from Tom Doherty that the people who stock the spin racks DO pay attention to what sells.

These discounted paperbacks sell for only one or three dollars - which means the author really isn't getting very much at this point - but I feel they serve as a "gateway" to encourage people to pick up a genre title.

I lived in Mount Pleasant, Texas, from October 2007 until December of last year, and while there I practiced this. By the time I left one of the stores (the city has three Dollar Generals) had s-f and fantasy titles on its own shelf, and used the spin rack for every thing else.

Now that I live in Clarksville, Texas, I am doing the same thing, and I am already seeing the effect. Yesterday I was able to purchase two paperbacks (see photo) because the s-f and fantasy titles seems to be proliferating.

I've bought books I've already read, and books I had no intention of reading, and I've bought some titles more than once (such as the Richard Matheson 2011 collection "Steel and Other Stories") as an encouragement to the stores.

I usually give the books away or donate to the local Friends of the Library fundraiser.

It's my little pet crusade, and for a few bucks I think I'm helping in a very concrete way.

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